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2006 St. Joseph Blvd, Orleans, ON

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1292 Baseline Rd, Ottawa ON
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2006 St. Joseph blvd, Orleans (St. Joseph & Jeanne D’Arc) 613-834-7325 1292 Baseline rd, Ottawa (Baseline & Merivale) 613-744-7533

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Our Services
General Repairs
We offer a full range of automotive repairs. We provide free inspections and estimates with no appointment required. We are even open on Saturdays until 4:00 PM! For fast, friendly and honest service come visit us at our Orleans or Baseline locations.
MTO Safety Inspection
The Ministry of Transportation licenses qualified, garage operators to conduct mandatory motor vehicle safety inspections to certify that vehicles meet minimum safety requirements. Tire Plus is a licensed Inspection Station.
Wheels & Rims
You should never drive on overly worn or cracked tires. Nobody wants to slip and lose control on a wet or snowy road. And nobody wants to experience a blowout at speed. Let us keep you safe! We carry a full range of tire brands and offer annual specials on winter tire
Your vehicle’s brakes are the most critical element for the safe operation of your vehicle. Rotors and brake pads are subject to extreme heat and wear from friction. Stay safe, protect your family. Come in for a free brake inspection.
Oil Changes
Changing your engine oil on a regular basis is the most important maintenance item you can do for your car. Engines last longer, run cooler and burn less fuel with regular oil changes. We offer complete oil and filter changes from as low as $39.
Exhaust Repairs
Exhaust systems usually fail from one of three causes: rust, road damage, or a missing hanger. A faulty exhaust system is not only noisy but can cause serious damage to expensive components if the exhausts oxygen sensor becomes damaged. If you have a noisy or rattling exhaust system, come in today for a free inspection.
Front End Alignmnent
Ottawa roads can be a front-end’s worst enemy. Potholes and poorly maintained roads can throw-out your vehicle’s alignment. Signs of misalignment include: pulling to one side, uneven or rapid tire wear, a misaligned steering wheel, and squealing tires.
Radiator Coolant
An improperly cooled engine can significantly shorten the life of your vehicle. Old coolant can lead to the premature failure of your water pump. The best way to avoid these problems is with a regular coolant flush and fill.
Rack & Pinion
If your steering has become very tight or loose, or you notice leaking fluid, or a grinding noise when steering, or a burning oil smell your rack and pinion steering may need repair. Come in today for a free inspection – no appointment needed!
Fuel Injector Service
Fuel injectors collect dirt and grime which affect an engine’s performance. Signs of dirty injectors include rough idling, hesitations and poor gas mileage. Our cleaning formula and air-powered injector cleaner can keep your engine running smooth and restore your lost performance.
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2006 St. Joseph 613-834-7325


1292 Baseline Rd 613-744-7533

Mon-Fri 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Saturday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

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